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Company Introduction

We were founded in Taipei, Taiwan and we specialized in factory automation facilities, conveyor systems, spray painting systems, lifting equipments, automatic warehousing, and automatic sorting systems since 1984. Due to the growth in business and demands accompanied by the oversea expansion of Taiwanese electronics industry, we established a new manufacturing factory in Port Klang, Malaysia in 1989. We were therefore able to provide prompt service for our South East Asian customers, which saw our client connections go as far as Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam and the Philippines. Beside the above mentioned countries, we are currently exporting to other regions such as Europe, the Middle East and South America.

Hoping to seize the opportunities present in the rapid economical development of China in the 21st century, we followed the global trend of utilizing the extensive labor power. In the year 2000, we established yet another manufacturing facility in Shanghai, looking to provide the emerging market with our service. While doing so, the factories shared information within the Group and were constantly striving to lower the cost of production and for better quality. Since 2006, products from our China factory have proved their worth by exporting back to Taiwan and Malaysia, earning praises from many Japanese and European customers along the way.


Coping with that China change from the factory of the world into the world market,further meeting the need of domestic customer’s growing, our company not only rented a set of new factory to expand the scale of Shanghai factory in 2010, but also registered Jin Houng Fuh(Chuzhou) Conveying Equipment Co.,Ltd in Chuzhou,Anhui province with an investment of USD 6.6 million.Chuzhou factory is in economic technical development zone,occupying 40000 square meters.We held a grand opening ceremony in May,18,2012 for it,which started a new chapter in the history of my company.