Houng Fuh group’s new brand launch in 2016 CeMAT

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The grand CeMAT 2016 took place in Shanghai exhibition center this year on Nov 1 for 4 days. Across 4 exhibition halls, CeMAT Asia is one of the most important logistic expo in Asia pacific area. All the top international brands and domestic manufacturers presented their best technology and know-how in the Material handling and logistic industry.

With more than 30 years of experience, the Hough Fuh group also launched the new brand image at CeMAT, as an expert in local material handling and logistics equipment industry. The new brand launch consists of mainly white and green colors, showing an energetic and fresh brand image. The new brand vision, Spark your solution, will demonstrate how the Houng Fuh group continues to provide reliable and diverse equipment. The commitment in innovation fuels the supply chain solutions for clients around the world. 

There are profound meanings in Houng Fuh’s new visual identity. The shapes illustrates Houng Fuh’s mission to move forward with powerful conveyors. Moreover, the 2 mountain icons signify the new generation inherit the professional experience from the previous. Houng Fuh group will remain at the leading position like the star in the brand image. 

The board of director, Mr. Liu said, “the whole new brand image means the Houng Fuh group is ready to make its debut to the international market. “ “We are already capable of providing good service across borders. Apart from the branch in Malaysia, we are proud of have a strong global network with many strategic alliance. For example, Apollo in Netherland, Sutee in Thailand, Hanstar in Korea, Conveyco in South Africa, and more to come.”

The General Manager of Shanghai Hojin, Mr. Liu, mentioned, “Since the Houng Fuh group was founded in Taiwan, we have been practicing our 4 core value: Innovation, Service, Diversity, and Reliability. Riding with the trend of e-commerce, we have successfully developed our new high speed shoe sorter. It supports dual diverting directions, and possesses high sorting capacity as western brands. The Houng Fuh group insists in high level of self-production, so we can ensure stable quality and operation time. Beside, we produce all other related equipment such as Curve machine and spiral chutes. Our competitive advantage is being a one-stop fulfillment center for logistics industry, experienced in exporting to other markets. “

The Houng Fuh group has launched the global new brand image, and will continue to thrive in the future. 

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