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  • 商品名称: High Speed Slide Shoe Sorter

Gentle sortation
The products are gently diverted to outlets by special ABS shoes. 
High sorting efficiency
Under the condition of speed 150m/min, minimum length 200mm, and 600mm distance between goods, the maximum sorting capacity is 11250 pieces per hour in theory. The sorting capacities can also be calculated by the formula. Q=[V/(L+S)]*60. Q is the capacity per hour, V is the conveying speed, L is the average length of the cases, and S is the space between the cases.
Quiet sortation
Noise Level: about 73db (under the sorting speed 100m/min).
Advanced mechanical function, and more durable
The shoes slide across the slats. The distance between the shoes, guide rails and conveyors is well designed to ensure stable operation. Sorter is equipped with diagnostic system to detect operating condition.
Wide range of package type and size
Product weight ≤ 30kg (for ASM), no limit of package size; all parcels, long articles, small items and thin objects (such as envelope and books) can be accurately diverted. 
Proven technology with 2 years warranty
Proven technology which manufactured locally, operated with reliable control system; Customized design to achieve customers’ sortation need;
We commit two years warranty;