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  • 商品名称: Cross belt sorting system

The cross belt sorting system consists of main drive belt conveyors and small trolleys with small belt conveyors. When the trolleys reach its specific sorting destination, the belt on the trolley will spin and transfer the goods to its sorting station. The name cross belt sorter comes from its arrangement of main drive belt conveyor and small trolley conveyors. Cross belt sorter is widely seen in express distribution center because of its high sorting efficiency and capacity.
Equipment characteristics:
·Suitable for small commodities of all kinds
 Such as posts, food, cosmetics, clothes etc. sort automatically, save human resources. 
·Multiple sorting out-feeds
Bilateral sorting can achieve higher sorting efficiency
·High Sorting capacity
8000~12000 pieces per hour
Main technical indicators:
·Pitch of Tray Carriage: 600/800mm
·Length of Tray: 700-1100mm
·Width of Tray Belt: 450-620mm
·System Driving: Bilateral AC linear motor
·Running Speed: 1.2 - 2.4m/s (optional) 
·Feeding Mode: Automatic / semi-automatic / manual direct input)
·Logic-sorting System: 1 circle , 2-n logic-sorting system (Customized)