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Material handling and sortation System

Category Description :

    • 商品名称: China Post

    • 标语1: Cost efficient, Modular design
    • 标语2: Characteristics:
    • 标语3: Multiple infeed
    • 标语4: Modular production and assembly
    • 标语5: Reliable Wearproof

    • 商品名称: STO express

    • 标语1: Fast Stable Efficient
    • 标语2: Characteristics:
    • 标语3: High sortation capacity
    • 标语4: Capable of loading soft and light packages
    • 标语5: multiple lanes

    • 商品名称: RT-Mart hyper market

    • 标语1: Professional technical service Customized design
    • 标语2: Characteristics:
    • 标语3: Single sortation is effective and simple
    • 标语4: Automatic control, Digitalization, Efficiency
    • 标语5: Standardized product, Consistent sortation

    • 商品名称: Shyang Yih logistics

    • 标语1: Local R&D work Advanced technology
    • 标语2: Characteristics:
    • 标语3: Dual sortation to maximize efficiency
    • 标语4: Flexible operation and design
    • 标语5: Automatic scanning and diverting system

    • 商品名称: Malaysian sugar industry

    • 标语1: Ultimate automation with robotic technology
    • 标语2: Characteristics:
    • 标语3: High capacity of 800bags/hr
    • 标语4: Robotic Automation
    • 标语5: Integration with upstream conveyor and handling system